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Most of the items throughout our shop are Found, Made or Gathered. Our tags tell the story. If they say Found (F), they have been collected, it’s a great day when I spot these timeless treasures.

If a tag says Made (M), we know it’s valuable because creativity takes time, love and effort!

The Gathered (G) tag means it’s mass produced, we appreciate this merchandise because somebody, somewhere, is working daily to make things happen!

We hope you enjoy browsing all of these carefully chosen pieces.



Thankfully, most of these products are made in the USA, and many of our artists and makers are from the South. We hope you are inspired as you shop for a unique gift or find something super cute for yourself!



We are part of a very generous community. Downtown Panama City merchants give back in many ways. This is an important, fun and intentional part of Jute & Palm. We’ve prayed about the various ways we plan to share with those around us! Most of these opportunities will be seasonal, and some will be less advertised than others. One constant will be our Forgotten Art. In this corner of the shop you will find art that has been gathered for many years! For whatever reason these original beauties have been tossed to the side. It seems the hours spent creating them has been forgotten. We need to bring them back to life and remember their unique, colorful inspiration! Art speaks to each of us differently. Not a single canvas is like the other! If you know just the place to showcase your masterpiece, your purchase will benefit our Bay Arts Alliance. When you visit downtown, you will see their beautiful art painted on every corner, this is a way they have chosen to give back, and the sharing circle continues!



Jute and Palm welcomes you to enjoy the experience of choosing timeless treasures that have been gathered from near and far! Expect to find consistent brands for your home, leisure and friends. We curate for the masses with individual design and personal style.